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A firm grasp of both the facts and a client's objectives is the foundation of quality representation.

In business and in law, success depends on both details and the big picture. A microscopic approach and a panoramic view both matter when analyzing challenges and opportunities.

In business law and in litigation, knowledge of the business world is as important as knowledge of laws, court procedures and judges' tendencies.

With these fundamental understandings, Sacks Law Firm has built a strong reputation among businesses and lawyers alike.

Strong. Smart. Efficient.

A lawyer's lawyer. A partner in business success. A substitute for general in-house counsel. These are some of the phrases Texas clients use to describe attorney David J. Sacks and the law practice. Mr. Sacks and his clients - individuals, businesses and lawyers - collaborate to construct and carry out effective strategies.

Well-informed decisions at every stage of a case are the basis of trial and appellate strategies at Sacks Law Firm. A surgical pursuit of favorable outcomes is one of the firm's secrets of success.

Preparation Is Key And Partnership With Clients Is Essential, But Persistence Carries The Day

When legal issues reach the point of a lawsuit, many businesses and individuals have their continuing financial viability at stake. Clients' goals and input form the core of every case at Sacks Law Firm. Much rides on each case.

In-depth legal research goes into the development of every case at Sacks Law Firm. Paired with old-fashioned hard work, knowledge of a particular subject area and skillful handling of methods that work in today's court environments.

Explore Options And Discuss Strategy With An Experienced Lawyer

Get answers to questions about civil trial or civil appellate law. Get ready to move your case forward to a strong conclusion. Call the law offices at 713-863-8400 or fill out the online intake form to request a consultation.


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