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A Houston Law Firm For Businesses And Business Law Firms Offering A Wide Range Of Services.

For more than 30 years, Sacks Law Firm has helped people who couldn't help themselves to solve vexing legal problems. Get answers to questions about civil trial or civil appellate law. Get ready to move your case forward to a strong conclusion. Call the law offices at 713-863-8400.

Appellate Services

Handling and consulting on complex appeals.
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Litigation Services

Business and general litigation.
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Business Legal Services

Formation, operations, contracts and more.
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Appellate Services, Trial Services, and Business Legal Services

The foundation of quality representation includes a firm grasp of the facts and a client’s objectives.

In business law and in litigation, knowledge of the business world is as important as knowledge of laws, court procedures, and judges’ tendencies.

In business and in law, success depends on the details and the big picture. A microscopic approach and a panoramic view matter when analyzing challenges and opportunities.

With these fundamental understandings, Sacks Law Firm has built a strong reputation among businesses and lawyers alike.

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