Business And General Litigation: Plaintiff And Defendant; Consulting For Other Law Firms

We are experienced in handling matters involving the trial of complex business disputes. We are often consulted to develop a surgical strategy for the development of a case.

Our business litigation experience encompasses breach of contract claims, non-compete agreement cases, complex contractual disputes, complex financial instruments and transactions, business torts and issues of professional liability.

In terms of practice areas, we handle business litigation, construction litigation, real estate litigation, insurance and bad-faith litigation, oil and gas litigation and other areas.

Our clients include both large and small businesses, as well as individuals and other law firms. Many of our law firm clients come to us when facing difficult issues in the trial court or on appeal. In search of top-notch analysis and briefing on specific legal issues, they turn to Sacks Law Firm because of our strong track record and reputation in business litigation.

Consider Litigation Decisions A Business Matter — We Do

When business owners decide to acquire new equipment, hire additional workers, expand marketing in new directions or add new products, they gather the facts and weigh known costs versus potential benefits. Ultimately, business owners make informed decisions and put their energy and passion behind those. The same is true of litigation matters. Prevention of litigation is vital to financial stability, but some disputes are unavoidable.We advise our business clients to use their business sense when deciding to:

  • Bring a lawsuit or seek alternative pathways to dispute resolution
  • Settle a claim or defend a lawsuit

Doing Business with Our Firm is Good for Business

Our attorney takes on challenging contract disputes, employment litigation and serious damage claims, among other legal matters. Many clients’ business futures depend on the outcomes of their cases. They need and demand the most effective legal representation available.

We offer a broad knowledge base that helps inform our business clients’ legal decisions. Thirty years of experience in the tough, competitive legal climate of Texas has given us abundant tools for analyzing and developing successful cases. Business clients and business law firms tap into our knowledge, realizing the importance of our track record.

At our firm, the initial evaluation stage of any litigation case is meticulous and thorough. We want our clients to have all relevant information. Then they will be prepared to make the right maneuvers with the goal of winning as they bring or defend cases as plaintiffs, defendants or attorneys representing their own clients.

General Litigation Matters

We also represent both plaintiffs and defendants in other civil areas of the law such as tort claims, constitutional claims, civil rights claims, probate matters and insurance bad faith or coverage cases.

An out-of-court settlement is often the best pathway to a promising resolution. A timely conclusion is always the goal. However, with much at stake and obstacles in the way at every turn, some cases require full-scale courtroom treatment. Sacks Law Firm offers flexibility and perseverance, always with the end goal clearly in focus.

For Representation or Consulting Services on Any Litigation Matter, Contact Sacks Law Firm

In addition to handling impressive litigation portfolios at any given time, we continually welcome new clients and evaluate potential new cases. We are prepared to review the facts of your case and advise you accordingly. For a breach of contract claim or any contract dispute or other business matter, get the caliber of litigation services you need. Contact us at 713-863-8400 or complete our online intake form to schedule a case review with a Texas trial lawyer.