Appellate Services For State And Federal Court Cases

A large part of our practice is dedicated to appellate work in state and federal court.

Other law firms engaged in trials consult with us for assistance. They want guidance on how to conduct trials so as to preserve all elements needed for a possible appeal. Preparing for an appeal before it becomes necessary is one of the surest ways to win in case at the trial court level or on appeal. Fellow trial lawyers understand this.

We also handle a great many appeals directly. As with our general litigation cases, our appellate cases cover a wide range of subject matter and legal practice areas. We are experienced in handling business-related appeals, family law appeals, insurance appeals, oil and gas appeals, personal injury appeals and mandamus issues in all Texas state appellate courts and in all federal appellate courts.

Our Wide-Reaching Houston Appellate Services

Clients in appellate cases have included Fortune 500 companies, professional baseball players and musicians, various businesses and private individuals.

Whether a case is for an individual or a business dispute, an appeal, by its very nature, is often complex and demanding. An appeal is a last resort – and always critically important. An appellate lawyer must dig deeper and analyze more precisely in pursuit of the right result.

Sacks Law Firm has established a strong reputation on the basis of many successful appeals.

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